Monday, April 21, 2014

Make a Decision

Will you choose to take a risk,
Or stay on the safe side?
Make your decision quick, quick, quick,
For time is wasting tick, tick, tick.
Don't tarry, stop stalling.

Will it be the fangs,
Or the fur?
Come on, make haste!
You are a bit too slow for my taste.
It's time to make a decision.

Friday, April 18, 2014

My Love Runs Deep

They might scurry and scamper, They may flutter and fly.
Whichever it may be, They put a grin on my face and raise my spirits up high.
They might stalk or slither, They might talk and chatter.
To me it doesn’t matter, For my love runs deep for these animals.
Whether they live in the trees, The oceans, Or mountains so steep, My love runs deep

Saturday, August 10, 2013


Why can't we be as wise as an owl
Or as calm as the sea
Why are we not as patient as the crocodile
Or as graceful as the geese
How come we are not as bold as the hawk
Or as quick as the wind
All of these things humans have sought
But every one of us is special like it or not

Monday, August 5, 2013


In a world of bad there's gotta be a little good
And in a world of good there's bound to be some bad
It's our choices that show us who we are
Decisions are a part of life
Sometimes easy sometimes hard
If you make good ones you'll go far
Make bad ones,
You'll will learn from your mistakes
Life was never meant to be easy
It can make us smile
Or make us kinda' queasy
But you gotta understand
You can't go back,you gotta go on
Don't be afraid,in this world we've each got a part to play

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Boggarts,Pixies,Thestral,Sphinx,all the magical creatures with there very own features,
Griffin,goblin,house elf,unicorn,close or foreign
Hogwarts,Hogwarts you can learn a thing or two the school that had candles that flew
Nothing normal is expected but students aren't affected
The castle is protective you don't need a certain perspective to like it
McGonagall and Dumbledore will take of all they swore,
They fought against the Dark Lord without a single sword
When evil attacks Griffindor will fight back,Slytherin will make sure
They get their fair share,Hufflepuff,will always be fair,Ravenclaw is where you will go
If you've a brian but not a foe

Hogwarts is where you will want to be,pass the mountains and over the sea

To all the Harry Potter fans like me

Sunday, March 3, 2013

You Got It Inside of You

Let yourself bloom every day is a new beginning~Fira B.
Mm,mm,mm,you got it inside of you I,I know you do
What are you waiting for just open the door
Let it out,out,out there's no need to shout,shout,shout
It's your turn to shine look at the signs,
It's bubbling and boiling inside of you,you know it's time go 
It's your queue because you got it inside of you this ain't no hide and
seek this ain't no time to be weak
Let it flow go,go,go let the moon illuminate you oooh,oo,ooh
You are the sun, push the clouds out of your way,it's time to have your say it's inside of you
Just give it your all,don't let yourself fall you gotta burn bright
Under the light don't give up without
a fight you got it inside of you.
For everyone (including myself) who has usually been quite and ready to be heard

Friday, February 22, 2013

Harry Potter

Oooh,oh,his name was Harry and when his friends needed help he wasn't one to tarry
 He survived a curse and out of all the Unforgivables it really was the worst
Before the spell backfired his parents were dead thanks to Wormtail that little liar
Voldemort was nothing but the meanest ghost at the very most
Harry was taken to his only living family and dreamed of one day being free
Even though he lived under the stiars his aunt and uncle lived without a care
His life was really unfair until age 11 when he got accepted at Hogwarts 'til year 7
Harry's friends were always by his side and when there was danger they never did hide
Harry had things to learn and respect he had to earn he was very brave
There are a ton of lives that he has saved when he got older all there was to remind them of Voldemorts
Way,was Harry's scar from those awful days

Dedicated to J.K Rowling/Harry Potter